Risk Analysis

The ‘ Scientific approach to the Industrial Risks Protection

And ‘This is the most important activity and specifies the company that it derives its name; production processes increasingly sophisticated and the production rates on more pressing way mean that companies, especially leaders in their field, they can not possibly afford to incur significant damage to equipment or stocks which prevents even activities for limited periods.

It is therefore necessary to make an in depth analysis of the risks, supported by simulation programs and tests in order to highlight the damage that may result and effectiveness of protection.

In this area the Hughes Associates Europe Ltd carries
out its action by tackling early design study the complete analysis of the company with particular attention to buildings where it is located, to the production processes and the processed substances. The object of analysis risks relate mainly to the fire in all its technical aspects and not, and toxicity of combustion products. With regard to the earthquake can be performed to strength tests according to European calculation codes.