Jensen Hughes srl actively participated in the Sicurtech Village 2019 in Rome with two speeches by the Managing Director Gaetano Coppola, also Member of AIIA – Italian Association of Fire Engineering, Italian chapter of the SFPE, entitled: “How the profession of firefighting changes. Dealing with a project in light of the Fire Prevention Code” and  “When and how to use Fire Engineering”.

SAFETY EXPO 2019: Workshop “protezioni antincendio automatiche a base acqua”

More than 80 professionals attended the workshop titled Water-based Automatic Fire Protection Systems held on September 18 within the SAFETY EXPO 2019 in Bergamo. The workshop was organized in partnership with SFPE Italy (the Italian division of SFPE), EFSN and IWMA with National and European speakers. All the presentations will be soon available on SFPE Italian division website.



The European office of Jensen Hughes based in Milan-Italy, attended as Sponsor the SAFETY EXPO 2019 in Bergamo on 18-19 September. We met many of the Fire Brigade officials and some other professional colleagues. We are all committed towards the same goal: improve Fire Safety Engineering practice day by day, avoiding misleading communication and the creation of false myths. There are no short-cuts: before reaching Excellence, even just a good practice in the FSE application can be achieved only through a solid, scientific, and technical preparation. There is still a long way to go: let’s do it together.


Jensen Hughes srl participates in the Safety Expo 2019: join us at booth 36.

Luciano Nigro and Gaetano Coppola will contribute with a presentation at the SFPE EFSN IWMA Workshop on 18 of September 2019: “Use of active water protection systems according to the definition of fire prevention strategies according to the Fire Prevention Code from international experience to national practice”

Access to Safety Expo 2019 is free, upon registration on the site. Access to the Workshop is free.


Presentation of the workshop

Water Mist Technology: state of the art and future prospects

February 2008, XI AIIA Conference (Italian chapter of the SFPE): Gaetano Coppola and Andrea Ferrari presented the project for Water Mist protection system of the wooden structure of the attics and domes of one of the most important national place of worship of priceless historical and cultural value. The connection with the recent fire at the Notre-Dame de Paris is unavoidable.

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