Our History

Our company was established in 1982 as Industrial Loss Control & Engineering srl (ILC&Eng. Srl).

In 1999, a partnership with Hughes Associates Inc. (HAI), the US leading company in Fire Science & Engineering was established. During the course of the years the constantly growing partnership with HAI, lead to the change of the company name from Industrial Loss Control & Engineering srl to HUGHES ASSOCIATES EUROPE srl (HAE srl).

Since 2015, the strong expansion of HAI activities at National and International levels generated the new JENSEN HUGHES, of which HAE srl represented the European entity.

Stating from the beginning of 2018, HAE srl has become JENSEN HUGHES SRL.

Some of the major national and international industrial groups are among our Clients.
JENSEN HUGHES srl cooperates with the major A&E companies providing them with technical specialistic support. We also offer consulting and engineering services to Real Estate companies.


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